In what little time we have

They say...  

...if you want to go far, go together. There's a wonderful website called Patreon, where creative people like myself present their work and show the world what they're creating. 

Patreon offers the opportunity to become a regular supporter of that work, through a tiny monthly subscription. Just $1 a month means we can start to create together: You and me. You can be my Executive Producer and support the creative process for all my projects: 



Composing for my next album 

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Simply put, your patronage allows me to keep doing what I've been put on this earth to do: To create wonderful music. To do something brave and fantastic in what little time we have. 

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Is Patreon safe to use?

PATREON is a long-established, well-respected creators' platform and your details are always secure and safe.


Can I support Jamsheed Master's work in other ways?

Yes! You can purchase his music on the COMPOSER page or you can leave a donation. Just click the yellow Donate button below. Or you can share his music on your social media pages wherever you see the SHARE button.


How often will I get emails from the mailing list?

The Jamsheed Master mailing list is quarterly, so you will only get four emails a year, keeping you up to date with all his various projects and music, plus special offers and exclusive content.