The band always breathes a sigh of relief when we see his name at the top of the chart”

— Director of Music, HAL

Happy customers...

Craftsmanship. Passion. Simplicity.

Almost every single day of the year, one of my arrangements gets performed by a guest entertainer or a production cast on a ship somewhere in the world. That's a fact I'm very proud of. If you're looking for an arrangement for your show, you've come to the right place.

How much does arranging cost?

I charge a fixed fee per song. For a simple song for a 7-piece band and singer: $250 USD

This includes:  

  • A consultation to figure out keys, style, instrumentation, exactly what you want etc
  • The completed arrangements as PDF files
  • Any edits required
  • A rehearsal mp3 of the charts
  • Exclusive rights to your arrangement

The industry standard of charging per bar/measure of an arrangement is unfair. Some songs have repeated sections, others are very long but simple. So my per-song, upfront fee is much clearer. My rates are highly competitive, but bear in mind the fee will go up a little for:  

  • Medleys and mash-ups
  • Working on original songs
  • Larger ensembles

But everything is possible! So get in touch via the contact form and we can have a chat about what you need.

The Ronettes

The Ronettes

Most entertainers only have about an hour's rehearsal before their show, so the charts for the band need to be clear, accurate, easy to read and have to sound great. Every singer has their own unique style. That means every arrangement for every show is going to be different. That's where an arranger comes in. Most singers come to me for original arrangements, exclusively for their show. And that's exactly what I've been doing for about a thousand years alongside my own work as a performer. 

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