What I’m doing now 

Updated June 11th, 2022, from Turkey. 

(This is a /now page, inspired by Derek Sivers. If you have your own site, you should make one too.) 


My best music work so far is coming along 

I’ve been working with choreographer Joseph Poulton on a ballet adaptation of a famous piece of literature.

It’s a deliciously slow process and I’m enjoying the revelation of each section being created, workshopped and filmed. It’s by far the best thing I’ve ever written and it’s very different than anything I've done before. When I'm allowed to reveal it, you'll know.


Guest Entertainer

I travel the world performing my piano-vocal shows on stunning cruise ships, thanks to having the best agent in the world, who not only signed me mid-pandemic but filled my diary with incredible gigs through 2023. I worked hard to get to here, but it taught me that everything happens at the right time and not before.



Since lockdown, singers have come out of hiding needing new music charts for their shows. I’m managing four clients at a time now, crazy but brilliant, and I'm starting to see some fairly big names in my inbox. I love seeing them soar and the feeling I get from hearing other people perform my work is unbelievable.


A new concert work 

I’ve been chipping away at a song-cycle work that’s been in my head for months. It’s an artistic response to the climate emergency and involves a lot of musical forces. I have a few funding applications on the juggle (not my favourite thing to do) but I really need to buckle down and write the damn thing. 



Anything You Want by Derek Sivers found its way into may suitcase. Again. I have a spare copy if you’d like one. 

Piranesi by Susanna Clarke


Brighton Pops Orchestra 

In 2020 mid-lockdown, I formed a limited company called Brighton Pops Orchestra with the intention of having a company name under which to write, produce, be employed, manage my business affairs through and generally provide an umbrella entity for all my collaborative music doings. 

I’ve since learned that this is not what other people want from me. It’s simply what I think I wanted in order to feel included in something. Nothing happened and I submitted a zero return for the first tax year. 

It has served one useful purpose though: I’ve been releasing music with the artist name Brighton Pops Orchestra and it’s helped highlight some weaknesses in my process. I can still do that without it being a company, so as I write this I’ve just made a decision. 


Living in Brighton 

24 years in Brighton and I still adore the place. Eight years ago, I bought a gigantic apartment in town which I share with two humans and two cats. There’s plenty of space - I even have a whole music studio room to myself. I have plenty of solo time on ships - uninterrupted days in beautiful ports, very comfortable suites (they treat me good) - so I get a lot of my work done at sea.



We follow a druidic pagan calendar. Spring just became summer. This is my best time of the year. I strive for a simple and beautiful life.