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Walk Upon These Shores

Jamsheed Master

During this time of extreme strangeness, we forget about those who need society to stay stable more than anything. I wrote this song in response to the crisis of immigrants to the UK being sidelined in the public psyche, when not only does this country need these people now more than ever, but way more important than that is the seemingly forgotten fact that they are human beings. People fleeing horrors that we have no concept of here. People who simply dream. People who need love.

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Jamsheed Master is a composer. His work as a piano entertainer has taken him all over the world, including the furthest reaches of domestic travel. In 2020, he sailed the route first taken by explorer Shackleton across the vast ice planes of Antarctica towards the South Pole. These are the images captured on that journey, complimented by historical footage and audio of previous travellers on the same route. The soundtrack is composed and produced by Jamsheed Master.

Starting his career as a restaurant pianist at 14 years old, Jamsheed Master spent years perfecting the craft of playing by ear before formal training and a degree in Music at Sussex. First attracted to the piano by his mother, also a by-ear player, and early Liberace recordings, his vast musical influences are channelled into composing for theatre, arranging for concerts and an array of work on Broadway. His knowledge of the genre is astonishing and his talent for it takes him all around the world, both as a piano bar entertainer and a concert performer. 

As a Music Arranger, Jamsheed's work appears in concerts and events across the globe including La Soirée, La Clique, Adelaide Fringe, The Edinburgh Festival and The Brighton Festival. His arrangements are featured by artists as diverse as Le Gateau Chocolat and as mainstream as Demi Lovato.

Also an established composer creating music for video games, his music appears across the Disney Sing It game series, 67 titles of Sony's BAFTA winning Singstar, the smash hit games like Office Daze and Activision's cult hit Guitar Hero. As an industry leader in music data transcription and music development, his credits include AAA, chart-topping singing and dance games.


"You’d Never Know finds shelf space somewhere between jazz and musicals, maintaining a strong musicality and an unabashed self-awareness throughout, making his music popular with a wide range of audiences: A robust collection of songs that each tell their own story." - BROADWAY BABY


Jamsheed Master

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Ten of the greatest Christmas and Holiday songs, re-imagined by Jamsheed Master for piano, dulcimer, ukulele, guitar, 'cello, harp and anything else he could get his hands on that makes a note when you pluck it. Self-produced, Jamsheed plays every instrument on the album, giving you a peek into his musical mind. Beautiful traditional carols side-by-side with upbeat Holiday songs. An album to enjoy the whole season through. Merry Christmas!

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All tracks are available for commercial licensing.