In 2005, karaoke took the videogames world by storm. With an ideal platform for licensing chart music directly into the living rooms of millions of gamers, Sony led the pack with their BAFTA nominated game Singstar for Playstation2. The technology for this kind of play didn't exist and the game needed a way of knowing how accurately the player was singing.  

With games studio Zoe Mode, Jamsheed developed a method of creating advanced MIDI data versions of the vocal line, capturing every detail and nuance of the original singer. This is then matched to lyrics and the game code can use this data to determine how well the player is singing, right down to the nearest harmonic. The method is now industry standard and Jamsheed developed it across thousands of songs on music and dance videogame series, including Guitar Hero, Rock Rev, Dancing With The Stars, Grease, Disney Sing It. 


Disney Sing It Pro - 5 titles 


Sony - Singstar - 67 titles 
Disney - Sing It 
Disney - Sing It Pop Hits 
Disney - Sing It Party Hits 
Disney - Sing It HSM3 
Disney - Sing It Family Hits 
505 Games - Grease The Official Video Game 
Activision - Guitar Hero 


Kunami - Rock Revolution 
Activision - Dancing With The Stars 
OneBigGame & Zoe Mode - Chime 



Disney Sing It Pro (on Disney Sing It Party Hits) featuring Demi Lovato (Sonny With A Chance, Camp Rock 1 & 2)  for PS2, PS3, Nintendo Wii and xBox 

Disney Studios LA

Disney & Disney Interactive 

Office Daze for Facebook 

Zoe Mode & DoubleSix

Disney Sing It Pro (on Disney Sing It Family Hits) featuring Anika Noni Rose (Princess & The Frog, Dreamgirls)  for PS3 and Nitendo Wii 

Disney Studios, New York

Disney & Disney Interactive 

Disney Sing It Pro (on Disney Sing It Pop Hits) featuring Tiffany Thornton (Sonny With A Chance, Disney Kids) for PS3 and Nitendo Wii 

Disney & Disney Interactive 

Disney Sing It Pro (on Disney Sing It High School Musical) featuring Olysea Ruin (High School Musical 1, 2 & 3) for PS2, Wii & xBox 360 

Disney & Disney Interactive 

Disney Sing It and Disney High School Musical Sing It for PS2, PS3, Nitendo Wii, xBox360 and PC 

Disney & Disney Interactive 

SingStar! series (67 releases)  for Playstation 3 & 3 



SONY Computer Entertainment Europe 

Guitar Hero 4: World Tour for xBox 


Grease The Official Video Game for Wii 

505 Games 

Rock Revolution 


Dancing With The Stars 



OneBigGame & Zoe Mode