Piano Bar Entertainment Resources

Over the years as a Piano Bar Entertainer, I've amassed a fair amount of material that I use in my shows every night. In the hope that it may be helpful to other entertainers in my industry, I have published all of it right here and it's all completely FREE!

You'll find song sheets for sing-alongs, my complete song request book, ideas for themes, a number of Music Trivia and Name That Tune shows, quizzes, games you can play in the piano bar, as well as the ever-popular game SINGO! It's basically sing-along-bingo and a lot of fun.

Feel free to use, distribute, edit, perform, change, copy, add to, whatever you want with these resources. All I ask is that you include the credit and my website www.jamsheedmaster.com on any printed material (it's included as a footer in the pdfs), as these are technically my "trade secrets" but sharing is always best for everyone, so now they can be OUR trade secrets. Enjoy!

Anything to Add?

Drop me a line via the contact form with any particular requests or ideas or documents we could add to the collection. Enjoy!

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SINGO! Sing-Alongs & Song Sheets