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Starting his career as a restaurant pianist at 14 years old, Jamsheed Master spent years perfecting the craft of playing by ear before formal training and a composition degree. First attracted to the piano by his mother, also a by-ear player, and early Liberace recordings, his vast musical influences are channelled into composing for theatre, arranging for concerts and an array of work on Broadway. His knowledge of the genre is astonishing and his talent for it takes him all around the world, both as a piano bar entertainer and a concert performer.

As an orchestrator and music arranger, Jamsheed's work appears in concerts and events across the globe including La Soirée, La Clique, Adelaide Fringe and The Brighton Festival. His arrangements are featured by artists as diverse as Le Gateau Chocolat and as mainstream as Demi Lovato.

Also an established composer creating music for video games, his music appears across the Disney Sing It game series, 67 titles of Sony's BAFTA winning Singstar, the smash hit Facebook game Office Daze and Activision's cult hit Guitar Hero. As an industry leader in music data transcription and music development, his credits include AAA, chart-topping singing and dance games.


Current Sailings

18 May 2019 to 28 July 2019   
ms Zaandam (Holland America Line) 
Sailing the beautiful Canada-New England coast, Montreal to Boston

26 January 2019 to 28 March 2019  
ms Maasdam (Holland America Line)
From Singapore - 20 or 40-Night East Indies, Coral Seas & Indian Ocean Voyager

41-Night Southeast Asia & Spice Island Navigator - arr. Brisbane, Australia

8 September 2018 to 28 October 2018 
ms Rotterdam (Holland America Line) 
Canada/New England - Boston to Montreal then
Reposition Boston, NYC to Tampa

4 January 2018 to 27 April 2018
ms Amsterdam (Holland America Line)
Grand World Voyage 2018
A 114-day circumnavigation of the planet
Ft Lauderdale to Ft Lauderdale 

4 November 2017 to 3 December 2017 
ms Rotterdam (Holland America Line) 
Tampa to East & West Caribbean

9 September 2017 to 24 October 2017 
ms Rotterdam (Holland America Line) 
Boston to Montreal - Canada/New England then
Reposition to Fort Lauderdale

26 April 2017 to 1 July 2017
ms Maasdam (Holland America Line)
San Diego, Panama Canal, reposition then
Fort Lauderdale, New York & Boston
Then Boston to Montreal - Canada/New England

2 January 2017 to 22 February 2017
ms Maasdam (Holland America Line)
Sydney, Australia & New Zealand
Sydney, Hawaii to San Diego

8 September 2016 to 19 November 2016
ms Prinsendam (Holland America Line)
Mediterranean: Barcelona to Venice
Holy Lands: Jerusalem and Tel Aviv
Atlantic crossing to Fort lauderdale 

27 April 2016 to 3 July 2016 
ms Zaandam (Holland America Line)
Hawaii & South Pacific Circle
Alaska, from Vancouver

14 January 2016 to 1 March 2016
ms Maasdam (Holland America Line)
Caribbean & Brazil (Rio di Janeiro Carnival)
Amazon explorer

5 September 2015 to 31 October 2015
ms Ryndam (Holland America Line)
North Sea/Norway
Mediterranean: Barcelona to Venice
Suez Canal, Oman, India to Singapore

7 April 2015 to 11 July 2015
ms Maasdam (Holland America Line)
Caribbean East and West, Reposition then Boston to
Montreal - Canada/New England

28 September 2014 to 16 January 2015
ms Statendam (Holland America Line)
Vancouver to San Diego Reposition then
Hawaii, Bora Bora, South Pacific route & Mexico

11 April to 16 August 2014
ms Maasdam (Holland America Line)
Caribbean East and West, Reposition then Boston to
Montreal - Canada/New England

21 August 2013 to 5 January 2014
ms Ryndam (Holland America Line)
Europe: Mediterranean, from Barcelona
Reposition crossing then Caribbean, from Tampa

23 June 2013 to 18 August 2013
ms Zaandam (Holland America Line)
Alaska, from Vancouver

24 October 2012 to 4 May 2013
ms Veendam (Holland America Line)
South America (all of it) to Boston

13 July to 27 September 2012
ms Statendam (Holland America Line)
Repositioning cruise - Alaska, from Vancouver

25 April to 12 May 2012
ms Westerdam (Holland America Line)
Repositioning cruise - Fort Lauderdale to Seattle

5 March to 11 April 2012
ms Noordam (Holland America Line)
Caribbean, from Fort Lauderdale

25 November 2011 to 5 January 2012
ms Zuiderdam (Holland America Line)
Repositioning cruise - Vancouver to Fort Lauderdale

3 September 2011 to 15 October 2011
ms Zuiderdam (Holland America Line)
Western Caribbean

24 August 2011 to 31 August 2011
ms Volendam (Holland America Line)
Alaska, from Vancouver

2 May 2011 to 26 June 2011
ms Veendam (Holland America Line)
New York to Bermuda