Social Needier

I'm not on Snapchat, I don't have an Instagram account, I don't have any "followers" online, I barely use social media and don't really understand Tumblr. The reason is this: they're not real. Everything about social media feels manufactured to me and that's an unreliable indicator of where I am in life and how I'm doing. And they all seem to require full-time administration.

Life is very, very short and nobody on their death bed is ever going to say, "I wish I uploaded more photos of my lunch to the internet". Besides, I'm too busy making music. That is what I've been put on this earth to do, not provide visual content for billion-dollar corporations who essentially do nothing for us in return, except bombard us with adverts for crap we don’t need.

So I keep it simple: I have my website and I make my music and if anyone enjoys it, then that's enough, I'm happy.

That said, Facebook does provide a useful platform to stay in touch without being intrusive. So pop over to my fb page, hit the Like button and I'll magically appear in your life from time to time with updates and invites and nice things like that.

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