You're a composer huh?

So here’s a thing... whenever I tell somebody I’m a composer, the first question is always this: What do you compose?

Well, I’ll tell you: Whenever you think of contemporary composers, you often imagine somebody making crazy, modern, outlandish sounds. Music that clashes on the ear or challenges your musical tastes. That kind of thing.

That’s not me. Well it is me a little bit, but basically, my goal is to create music that is beautiful, accessible, moving, interesting. The kind of music that transports you to another world where you forget about time and space. Music that makes you FEEL something.

It can be dramatic or romantic or happy or angry or absurd or surreal, all kinds, but I aim for my music to always be accessible and understandable and most of all enjoyable.

To make all of those things happen, the shape my music takes varies, a lot, but I’m always drawn back to the idea or melody that makes you feel in a way that is familiar but still new. Always new. After all, everyone needs new ways to dream.

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